Created After the Image of God

This is a series of 15 outlines I wrote for messages I taught in church between September and December of 2019. The series is titled “Created After the Image of God” and is about how our salvation in Christ is becoming conformed to the image of Christ which is back to the image of God in which we were initially created. The keynote of the series is the eleventh message “Conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ.” All Scripture references are from the New International Version unless otherwise noted.

1. The Creation of the Universe and Man

2. The Purpose for Creating Man

3. The Fall of Man

4. The Curse

5. God’s Chosen People

6. Prophecies about Jesus Christ

7. The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

8. The Death and Burial of Jesus Christ

9. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

10. The Lordship of Jesus Christ

11. Conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ

12. Treasure on Earth or in Heaven

13. Trusting God

14. The Strength, Comfort, and Peace of the Holy Spirit

15. The Whole Armor of God