This is an ongoing series of posts on various topics as I feel impressed upon by God in my prayer time. Each message is limited to only one page to keep them concise, pertinent, and forceful. What I love about these posts is that they get right to the point which helps you, the reader, get the point convincingly. My heart is to help you understand the Scriptures better as the Lord has been helping me understand, “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened” (Eph 1:18).

Before “the Casting Down”

Blasphemy Against the Breath

For Whom He did Foreknow

Wise unto Salvation

Faithful unto Death

Like God or Coequal?

Not Ashamed

Welcome Aboard the Tritanic!

The Doctrine of Christ

Close Enough Isn’t Good Enough

The Objective Behind the Trinity

What is the Holy Spirit?

What about those who never heard?

Enter His Rest

Why the King James Version

Love Our Neighbor as Ourselves

On Which Side of the Jordan Will We Die?

Blessed are They that Do His Commandments

The Remission of Sins

The Actions of the Law

The Broad Way

The Eyes of Them Both Were Opened

A Tree is Known by its Fruit

The spirit of antichrist

Turning Us Away from the Truth

The Purpose of Baptism

Pleasant to the Eyes

Baptism in the Name of Jesus

Whose side are we on?

The Mystery from the Beginning

He that has the Son has life

Man and Eternal Life

It is God that Justifies

Is God’s Son, God Himself?

The Faithfulness Once Delivered

Hear what the Breath says

Who are you to disagree with the Lord?

Turned from the Truth to Myths

The Doctrine of Christ